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Let Me Entertain You.

Let Me Make You Smile.

I'm Bobby.

I sing. I act. I dance hilariously.

I make people laugh.

The Comedy Store, Caroline's Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club, StandUp NY, Dangerfield's Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Greenwich Comedy Club, The Village Lantern, Retirement Communities, & My Bedroom.

Places I have made people laugh:


Bobby Underwood - AEA

actor/singer/comedian height: 6'0" weight: 170lbs voice: bari-tenor (G2-A4)


Fidler Afn Dakh                            Der Gradavoy (The Constable)                    Stage 42 (Joel Grey)

Other New York

Fidler Afn Dakh                            Der Gradavoy (The Constable)                    National Yiddish Theatre (Joel Grey)

Rudolph… Reindeer.                   Donner/Foreman/Charley-in-the-Box         Carnegie Hall (Steven Reineke)

Amerike the Golden Land           Immigration Officer                                      National Yiddish Theatre (Zalmen Mlotek)

The Sorceress                               Organ Grinder                                               National Yiddish Theatre (Motl Didner)

The Joys of Being Yiddish           Joseph (lead)                                                 New 42 Studios (Mark Lonow)

702 Punchlines & Pregnant          Jackie Mason                                                St. Luke's Theatre (Ginger Reiter)

Ziegfeld’s Midnight Frolic            Will Rogers                                                    Liberty Theatre (Cynthia von Buhler)

Regional Theatre

Guys and Dolls                             Nicely-Nicely                                                 Lyric Theatre of Fla. (John Loesser)

Guys and Dolls                             Rusty Charlie                                                 Musical Theatre West (Mark Martino)

A Wonderful Life                          Sam (u.s. George, performed)                     Fireside Dinner Theatre (Ed Flesch)

Anything Goes                             Moonface Martin                                          Ocean City Theatre (Michael Hartman)

Kiss Me, Kate                               Second Man                                                  Gretna Theatre (Dennis Courtney)

Rock of Ages                                Hertz Klinemann                                           Arizona Broadway (Kurtis Overby)

Lucky Stiff                                     Luigi / Voice of Tony Hendon                      Arizona Broadway (Evan Pappas)

Oklahoma!                                   Ali Hakim                                                       Arizona Broadway (Kiel Klaphake)

Fiddler on the Roof                     Lazar Wolf                                                      Arizona Broadway (Seth Reines)

The King and I                             Kralahome                                                      Arizona Broadway (Alan Ariano)

Annie                                            Drake                                                              Arizona Broadway (Andy Meyers)

A Christmas Carol                       Mr. Fezziwig / Beadle                                    Herberger Theatre (Joe Martinez)

Carousel                                      Mr. Snow                                                         Festival 56 (Dexter Brigham)

Lend Me A Tenor                        Tito Merelli                                                     Festival 56 (Laura Brigham)

Cabaret                                        Ernst Ludwig                                                  Festival 56 (Tim Seib)

The Tempest                                Gonzalo                                                         Festival 56 (Jim Brigman)

9 to 5                                             Dick / Tinsworthy                                         Broward Stage Door (Dan Kelley)

Hairspray                                      Male Authority Figure                                  Millbrook Playhouse (David F. Chapman)

Peter Pan                                      Starkey (u.s. Hook)                                       Smithtown P.A.C. (D.J. Salisbury)

Alice in Wonderland(Spanglish) El Gato de Cheshire (Puppet)                     Lake Dillon Theatre (Chris Alleman)

A Servant to Two Masters*         Truffaldino / Arlecchino                               Strider Theatre (Julie Goell)

On the Verge*                             Alphonse, Yeti, Mme. Nhu, etc.                  Strider Theatre (Laura Box)


*KCACTF Irene Ryan Acting Nomination

FILM (Selected Features)

Don Peyote                                    Hobo                                  Studio13 (Dan Fogler)

The Fabulous Thunderbirds         Joey Eruzione (lead)          Page Zero Prods. (David Formica)

Jerry Re-Imagined                        Jerry Maguire                     Walker Book & Film Co. (J.D. Walker)


Colby College B.A. in Music and Theatre (Waterville, ME)

    Acting – Julie Goell, Richard C. Sewell, David Christopher Wells, James A. Williams

    Classical Voice – Elizabeth Patches

NYU CAP 21 Musical Theatre Professional Training Program (and other master classes)

    Voice – Bill Daugherty, Peter Van Derick, Steven Stein-Grainger

    Acting – Elizabeth Hess, Kathryn Rossetter, Frank Ventura, Ric Ryder, Melissa Johnson

    Masterclasses - Erin Dilly, Laurence O’Keefe, Gavin Creel, Goldrich & Heisler, Pasek & Paul

Special Skills: Stand-up comedy ; Piano ; Improv ; Fluent Spanish ; Impressions (Gilbert Gottfried, Marlon Brando singing, Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson, Christopher Walken, John Oliver, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Nathan Lane, Walter Matthau, Jimmy Stewart) ; Barbershop singing, tight harmonies, learns music quickly ; Whistling ; Accents (New York, Boston, Southern U.S., Indian, Spanish, Italian, French, German, British RP, Cockney, Irish, Australian, Russian) ; Puppeteer ; Stilts ; Pratfalls

Film Resume

Theatrical Resume

Show More
Peter Pan (Starkey)
with Melissa Rapelje as Tiger Lily
Lucky Stiff (Luigi)
King and I (Kralahome)
with Alan Ariano as the King
King and I (Kralahome)
with Alan Ariano as the King
Kiss Me, Kate (Gangster)
with Todd Berkich
Guys and Dolls (Nicely-Nicely)
with Sarge Pickman as Nathan Detroit
Oklahoma! (Ali Hakim)
with Sean Widener as Will Parker
Oklahoma! (Ali Hakim)
with Sean Widener as Will Parker
Oklahoma! (Ali Hakim)
with Sarah Ledtke as Ado Annie
Show More

Dangerfield's Comedy Show

Saturday Night Live Audition

Bobby Underwood has lunch with Gilbert Gottfried

You Won't Succeed on Broadway

(Arizona Broadway Theatre

Late Night Cabaret)

Film Reel

In A State

(It's A Wonderful Life,

Fireside Dinner Theatre)

with Jamie Thiessen
(Festival 56 Cabaret Night)

Suddenly Seymour

with Katrina Haynes

(Arizona Broadway Theatre

Late Night Cabaret)

You're Nothing Without Me
with Jesse Berger
(Arizona Broadway Theatre
Late Night Cabaret)
I Don't Understand the Poor
as Donald Trump
(Arizona Broadway Theatre
Late Night Cabaret)
JScreen Commercial
with Sheira Stein
To Life
with Jason Simon
and the cast of
Arizona Broadway Theatre's
Fiddler on the Roof
Lida Rose
with Amy Marie Stewart, John E. Elliott, David DeAlmo, and Paul Sandberg

Lend Me A Tenor reel

as Tito Merelli at Festival 56

Cabaret (the musical) Reel

as Ernst Ludwig at Festival 56


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